Deacon (in front) & Sonny (lighter color) hang out around Richard’s Mom and Manifred. I just will never understand dogs, because Manifred and Richard’s Mom won’t let them eat. Deacon and Sonny run away with their tails between their legs when we feed them because Richard’s Mom and Manifred growl at them. It is so sad. There is a girl in heat around the area, and I guess Deacon and Manifred got into it over her. Deacon, being the lover he is, got the short end of the stick in the fight. To put it lightly, he lost. His face is so torn up. On top of that, there is a local church across the street and the people were outside and saw the whole thing. It scared them and they are saying that they are going to call animal control on these two dogs. Deacon and Sonny will surely be euthanized if they end up in animal control. We need fosters for these lovers. Deacon runs up to me when we pull up and hops on top of my lap. He is such a friendly guy. The two of them seem to get along with other dogs just fine, unless there is a lady in heat, that is. If you know anyone willing to foster, or if you know of another rescue that would be willing to help us out with these guys, please pass this along. These two are way too sweet to be put down. PLEASE HELP!