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Sonny is getting depressed. He has been in a kennel and 2 foster homes. Both of his foster homes ADORED him but his first foster mom had to move to the East Coast quickly and his second foster home is growing in the number of people VERY soon and they worry Sonny won’t get the attention he deserves. Sonny & his foster sister Maddy are the best of friends. He wonders why a lot of his Gateway friends have already been adopted and why he often doesn’t get a second look.

Okay pit lovers, you know who you are. PLEASE spread the word about this guy. He wonders if he isn’t handsome enough or if people just won’t even give him a chance because he was born a pit. He is really great with most dogs and he even walks well on a leash. I don’t know if you could find a more loyal companion.

So if you want true unconditional love then ditch the computer dating sites. Come meet Sonny.
Go out to dinner with people, have a drink, conversation and some fun.
But if you want someone who won’t let ya down and who will always greet you with love when you walk in the door-this is your man.

He doesn’t leave the toilet seat up or throw his socks on the floor.
This guy is good.