Thanks to one amazing supporter, five lucky pets have a second chance at life. Dr. Edward Migneco, DVM at Hillside Animal Hospital, joined us on a very special rescue mission yesterday.

First, we visited a community member who was overwhelmed with puppies. His dog had an accidental litter, and he needed to find homes for three of the six puppies in the litter. He surrendered the three puppies, now named Monica, FeeBee and Rachelle (yes, a play on words for characters on “Friends.”). But it gets better! The community member signed up to get the momma dog, remaining puppies, and his male dog fixed through our Spay/Neuter Program. They’ll also receive vaccinations and microchips, and will receive additional supplies in the next few months.

Next, we received a call from a concerned landlord about a momma cat with one kitten. The cat was owned by tenants on the property that had moved out 45 days ago. The kitten was just two weeks old and was exposed to the elements on the front porch. The momma cat and kitten are now members of the Gateway Pet Guardians family and named Gigi-C and Hank-C—two very special names, as they are named after Dr. Ed’s parents.

The best part about this amazing rescue—Dr. Ed and Hillside Animal Hospital are sponsoring all of the initial veterinary care for these little guys! We literally could not have saved their lives without their support, and we are eternally grateful. Dr. Ed has been involved with Gateway Pet Guardians since our inception in 2004. He is the owner of Hillside Animal Hospital, and his expertise is vitally important to our daily medical decisions. He also owns the building that houses our emergency shelter and lets us use the facility for free. Dr. Ed is on the Gateway Pet Guardians Board of Directors, serving as the Vice President and providing valuable input into the strategic leadership of the organization.

Thank you, Dr. Ed and Hillside Animal Hospital, for your continued support and commitment to saving lives. Not only are you making an impact on the animals we rescue, but also the animals and the people within the community that we serve. And for that, we are eternally grateful!