Sometimes larger than life things come in itty bitty packages. This is certainly the case for little Siri, an adorable puppy who wins over everyone she meets! Siri was rescued two weeks ago from an abandoned home in the Metro East. Rescuers had to pry open floorboards to reach her, and unfortunately, she was the only puppy in her litter that survived. At just four weeks old, she was extremely vulnerable to illness and disease. We rescued her and rushed her to the vet, and she met a beautiful angel later that night who she would learn to call “foster mom.”

Andrea Castleberry has been a foster for Gateway Pet Guardians for about six months, and when she learned that Siri needed help, she didn’t hesitate in the slightest. She welcomed her into her home with open arms, and has loved every minute of it! She says, “Every moment I spend with that spitfire is filled with little kisses and lots of laughter (even when I’m tired). She’s hysterical – from ferociously fighting with sticks in the yard to climbing up and down my dogs’ backs, I am constantly in awe of her spirit. Whoever adopts this nugget is going to have their hands, and hearts, so very full.”

Little Siri is adorable, but fostering puppies is not always easy! Andrea and her fiance (and her dogs) have been kept busy day and night thanks to this rambunctious girl. Siri gets lonely at night and cries for company. But thankfully, Mama Andrea knew just the trick and introduced her to her big teddy bear. Siri snuggles right in with her bear and falls fast asleep.

And when it’s daytime, it’s time to play! Andrea likens her to an energizer bunny when in play mode. Most recently, she’s mastered the stairs thanks to her adventurous spirit. In fact, her personality is Andrea’s favorite thing about her. “She has such a big personality in a tiny body. Her pep and zest for life always keep me on my toes. I genuinely enjoy watching her run around and play with our dogs. She is honestly so cute, everything she does is entertaining – even pooping!”

Andrea’s devotion to Siri literally saved her life, but she knows her home is just a short stop on her journey to happily ever after. Andrea is obsessed with fostering–she eats, sleeps, and breathes fostering in her leadership role as Foster Placement Coordinator for GPG. And she encourages others to give it a shot, too. She reflects: “Please, just try it. Before I started, I thought it was the strangest thing… ‘You mean to tell me I fall in love with, devote my time to, and potty and crate train this animal, and then someone else gets to take them home?!’ Once you see the outcome of your hard work – another innocent life saved – you’ll keep coming back for more. I’m on my sixth in 6 months!”

Thank you, Andrea, for your commitment to Siri and the rescued pets in Gateway Pet Guardians’ care. We are forever grateful for your dedication!

If you would like to be Siri’s final stop and provide her a forever home, visit www.gatewaypets.com/adopt to learn more about the adoption process. And if you want to save lives just like Andrea, visit www.gatewaypets.com/foster and join our foster family.