Francesca2Meet Francesca! Franny is a long-time resident of Gateway Pet Guardians. This adorable girl was rescued after she had puppies a little over a year ago in East St. Louis. Franny and her puppies were living in woods behind a concerned citizen’s home. Rescuers quickly rescued the puppies and were able to trap mama.

Once at the GPG Emergency Shelter, workers realized Francesca was feral. Feral basically means she had never been touched by a human. She was probably born and raised in the woods she was rescued from having limited to no exposure to humans.

Franny spent many months at the shelter being loved, read to and socialized by volunteers until she was transferred to our partner training facility for further behavior modification. Foster homes for feral dogs are very hard to find.

Recently, experienced foster, Jane stepped up to welcome Francesca into her home! In Jane’s home, she can continue to learn to trust humans.

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