This handsome St. Louis rescue dog is Ziggy! Ziggy is a handsome five year-old husky mix up for adoption through Gateway Pet Guardians animal rescue. He’s had a rough few months, but thanks to the tender loving care from volunteers and his foster at Gateway Pet Guardians, he’s already made a full recovery! 


Ziggy used to live in East St. Louis. GPG’s outreach team worked with his owners to get him a dog house, but shortly after, he was attacked by another dog in the neighborhood. Poor Ziggy suffered a degloving injury, where basically the skin was ripped from his paw. Worried about his health and medical expenses, his owners surrendered him to GPG. He had a skin graft done to keep from having to amputate his leg. 


Ziggy has worked really hard for the past few months recovering from his injury in the loving arms of his foster family. He will go in his crate, but he prefers to be left out when his people are gone. He’s not destructive and has no accidents, and loves the freedom to roam! He’s potty trained, good on a leash, and loves squeaky toys. He sleeps on a doggy bed next to his people, but tends to invite himself into the bed to give kisses! He’s dog friendly and good with kids, but we are unsure about cats as he hasn’t had any exposure that we know of. Ziggy would love to have a fellow canine friend to spend his days with. 



If you’re interested in adopting the lovable Ziggy, please visit http://www.gatewaypets.com/adopt-a-pet/pet-adoption-policies/ to find our adoption policies and application. 

Adoption Policy and Application