It is AMAZING how much better you feel after a good bath and haircut, right Chloe Ann!?

We met this precious little girl on outreach. When we first met her mom, she looked so sad and asked us to take her. We asked, “You don’t really want us to take her, do you?” She shook her head no and said she was so sad she couldn’t afford grooming and flea treatment and the vet care she needed. She loved little Chloe Ann but needed some help.

A few days later, we paid for Chloe Ann to be groomed, thanks to generous donations from GPG friends and family. She received some flea/tick preventative and is going in for bloodwork tomorrow to see if she’s a candidate to be fixed since she’s a senior.

We visited them both yesterday, and Chloe Ann was so happy! She was bouncing around, wagging her tail. Not only did Chloe Ann look better, but her mom stood taller and was so proud of her little girl.

A little support can go such a long way. Chloe Ann didn’t need to be surrendered to an already overfull shelter. She had a home, and she had a mom who cherishes her. They just needed access to some resources!

THANK YOU to everyone who donated to help with Chloe Ann’s grooming expenses. She is just one of the many animals that your generosity has helped. We’ve seen many cases lately where a little assistance with grooming can greatly improve a family’s living situation, and your support means the world to both pets and their people in the Metro East. If you would like to be part of our work and help additional dogs on the list that need resources, please consider making a donation.