Give STL Day on May 6, 2014


Give STL Day was a 24-hour online fundraising event designed to motivate donors to visit GiveSTLDay.org on May 6 and make a contribution to their favorite local nonprofit – in this case, Gateway Pet Guardians!

Thanks to our wonderful supporters and social media fans, Gateway Pet Guardians BLEW THROUGH our initial $3,000 goal by 9AM!  When we reached our goal so quickly, we thought, “Well… let’s make it $5,000!”  And much to our surprise, only a couple of hours later, we’d already hit $5,000. Then we thought, “Alright, can we do $8,000?” And by 4PM we’d already reached $8,000!

Give day broke the competition down by large nonprofit and small nonprofit, and kept leader boards for each based on the total number (not monetary amount) of gifts.  Gateway was in the top 5 of our leaderboard for most of the day, and ended the day in 3rd place for the largest amount of money raised by a nonprofit.  On top of that, we were also in the top 10 for most of the day among ALL participating nonprofits, and there were more than 500.

Thanks to you – the most amazing animal fans in St. Louis – our grand total at the end of the day for Give STL Day‬ stood at $10,164. The St. Louis community as a whole donated more than $1 Million to local nonprofits in a single day! We finished third in the small nonprofits category for highest number of donations with 144 individual gifts, just behind Service Dogs and Tenth Life (dogs and cats rule!), and were in the top 10 for all organizations for most of the day.

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