To date, 420 stray and feral cats were spayed/neutered, vaccinated for rabies and received topical flea prevention during this year’s Street Cat Sunday, which is a collaborative trap-neuter-return (TNR) program held quarterly with Carol House Quick Fix Pet Clinic,  Animal Protective Association/APA Adoption Center and Belleville Area Humane Society. At the most recent event earlier this month, our team personally spayed/neutered 37 cats, and also brought back two from that group to treat and socialize. Two-month-old, Stoney was taken in due to corneal ulcers present in his eyes. As these are known to improve with proper treatment, our clinic team is actively working with Stoney‘s foster family on the appropriate regimen to promote healing. We are confident that with continued treatment and lots of love in his foster home, this little guy will be ready for a forever home in no time!

Community cats are cats who live outdoors, often having little contact with humans. These cats typically do not do well in homes due to their lack of socialization. TNR allows community cats to be humanely trapped, sterilized, and released back to the outdoor area where they were found. Learn how we help control the homeless cat population through our TNR services.