Welcome, summer! We are excited for the warmer weather and longer days, but summer also marks some unique challenges for our furry friends in the Metro East. We’ve already seen an increase in cases of fleas and fly strikes, and we could use your help to provide some relief to pets and families we serve! Check out the list of supplies below and consider donating to help out a pet (or two) this summer.

Fly Repellent Ointment

The warm weather makes the perfect environment for flies, which can land and strike the ears of pets in the heat. Fly repellant is a tremendous help in battling flies and helping with wounds sustained from bites.

Flea Preventatives

Fleas, fleas, fleas–yuck! Severe fleas tend to cause flea dermatitis and extreme discomfort for dogs and cats, and we would love to provide flea preventatives to help combat the little critters. We are especially in need of cat and large (40-60 lb.) dog preventatives.

General Outreach Supplies

During the summer months, we also see an increase in requests for general outreach supplies. We distribute these supplies every single day, and would love to replenish our stock!

All of these supplies can be ordered through Amazon (don’t forget to use Amazon Smile!). Supplies can be shipped to:

Gateway Pet Guardians
Attn: Janet Alderson
5321 Manchester Ave.
St. Louis, MO 63110

Thank you so much for your donation to help pets (and their families) in the Metro East. With your help, we can beat the heat this summer!