iceThe Gateway Pet Guardians Emergency Shelter houses thirteen kennels and a small play yard in the back, complete with turf and toys. The shelter staff and volunteers work to enrich the lives of the dogs by hosting play groups and taking them on lengthy walks. We carefully assess the behavior of all dogs who come into our care. Sometimes in order to protect them, we have to consider some dogs “dog aggressive.” Ice had fallen under that label, and was unable to benefit from play groups and interactions with other dogs. That is, until one volunteer fell in love with him and decided to give him a chance in her home.

Brittany Fleming joined the Gateway Pet Guardians foster family, and instantly fell in love with all of the dogs in the shelter. But she was especially drawn to the gorgeous husky. She had a spot open at her house for a dog that couldn’t be around other pets. She was able to separate the dog from her personal pets, enabling the dog to live in the comfort of a foster home.

Although Ice had the “dog aggressive” label, Brittany felt that he could potentially live with other dogs. After a few months, she started using baby gates in her doorways to separate him from her pack. He started play bowing to her dogs through the gate, instigating play. After talking with a trainer it was determined that he was dog selective, meaning that he COULD live with other dogs that he got along well with. He has now successfully been introduced a few of Brittany’s dogs and gets along great with them. This is a huge feat for Ice, because we know he could potentially live in a home with other dogs!

Brittany has enjoyed having Ice in her home. He has a goofy personality, and is just an all around happy-go-lucky dog. His husky howling/talking is hilarious and entertaining, and she loves cuddling with him. If someone is looking for a giant goofball, Ice is the dog for them!

When asked about fostering, Brittany has this to say to those considering the commitment: “Many people do not want to foster because they don’t think they can let the dog go once it is adopted. When they get adopted, it’s hard; but not as bad as you would imagine. Knowing they are going to a good home makes it a pleasant experience, and it’s not heartbreaking at all. Plus, every time a dog gets adopted, that allows another dog to come into your home and be saved. I always love getting new dogs in and being able to bond with them.”

Do you think Ice is the clown for you? Fill out an adoption application at www.gatewaypets.com/adopt. And if you’d like to give a dog like Ice a chance to truly shine, fill out a foster application at www.gatewaypets.com/foster.