Banfield Pet Hospital is opening a new location in Richmond Heights, and as part of their grand opening, they offered free vetting services to adoptable pets at Gateway Pet Guardians. But we were SO excited to also learn that they extended their generosity to owned pets in the community we serve, as well! Over that past three days, four pets have made the trip to Banfield Pet Hospital to receive treatment for a variety of ailments. Below are their stories.



Xena was fixed a few weeks ago through our Spay/Neuter Program. She appeared to have an infection in her ears, and Banfield offered free serves to help her find some relief. Her infections were pretty deep and appear to be chronic. They gave her some ear flush and drops to help with her ears, and they also sent her home with heartworm and flea/tick preventative.



Ditzy was also fixed through our Spay/Neuter Program. Her owners called and said she was rubbing her hind side raw. Banfield was excited to give her a look, and noted she had allergies to fleas she might have picked up along the way. They gave her antibiotic pills to address her open sores, as well as flea preventative to help going forward. Ditzy returned home to her family who was so excited she got some relief!



Badman went in for a dental because of his extremely smelly breath. Unfortunately, he was not a candidate for anesthesia and has too many health issues, but Banfield set him up with several other services to improve his quality of life. When they did bloodwork, they noted his liver enzymes were 7x higher than normal. He was coughing and panting so they also did an x-ray and learned he has a kidney stone the size of a dime and a giant mass in his liver causing abnormalities in his kidneys and liver. At his age, surgery is not an option, so Banfield sent him home with specialty kidney food, antibiotics, and preventatives. He was also vaccinated and microchipped.



We were picking up a dog for spay surgery and noticed our friend Ralph had a giant gash on his leg. We called Banfield to see if they could squeeze him in, too, and they were happy to! They cleaned out the wound, prescribed antibiotics, and also provided services for other health issues, including fleas, heartworms, double ear infections, and his cloudy eye.

Thanks to this incredible partnership with Banfield Pet Hospital, four community pets had access to much-needed veterinary services. We cannot thank Banfield enough for this exciting opportunity! Learn more about our Community Programs and our work in the Metro East today.