Beetlejuice had to have his leg amputated after getting hit by a car when he was about 6 months old. His dad was so worried about him and called Gateway Pet Guardians for help. Through our Pet Crisis Fund, we were able to provide the amputation surgery as his leg could not be saved. Though he lost a leg, Beetlejuice did not lose his spirit! Even after the first day of surgery, he was running around playing and being silly as can be. His dad worked long hours and unfortunately was not able to keep him any longer but knew GPG would take care of him and find him the perfect home.

It took him longer to get adopted than we thought due to him having energy for days! But then along came another dog named Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice’s family said that he, too, had energy and they were looking for a playmate for him. When they viewed Beetlejuice’s adoption profile, they knew it was meant to be! The two met and were instant pals. 

To not totally confuse the dogs with having the same name, GPG Beetlejuice is now named Frankenstein (Frankie for short) and is living his best life with his doggy brother, his mom and dad, a toddler human brother and another human sibling on the way! He has never let his lack of a leg slow him down and is the happiest three-legged pup you will ever meet.