To some, this might look like a dirty old crate. But to me, it’s the holy grail. Crates are the single easiest tool for pet owners to curb many of the problems and issues we encounter. Destruction, potty training, routine… all addressed through the use of a crate.

Crates give families the confidence to keep pets inside, while protecting the things they own and also keeping their pets safe from eating things they shouldn’t.

Crates empower pet owners to bring their pets indoors during extremely cold weather. Even if the landlord doesn’t approve of pets inside, a crate provides a temporary space in a basement or spare room.

Crates provide structure and routine, helping families potty train their pets.

Crates even provide support for families that might need to access emergency vet care one day. Imagine I had a really sick dog and I asked for a ride to the vet. You’d prefer a protective barrier preventing vomit from splattering your ceiling, right? This could be the difference between hitching a ride or staying home and hoping for the best.

There’s no doubt that the utility of a crate makes it a must-have pet resource. But many families I work with do not have access to this important item. A new large plastic or wire crate can run a family $70-80. Even used crates can cost at rummage sales or second-hand stores.

So, I’m asking our supporters–if you have an old gently used crate laying around, please consider donating it to help a family with pets. New, old, plastic, wire, large, small–all are welcome! I just ask that they have all their parts/pieces, are functional, and are relatively clean. Thank you, from all the people and pets in the Metro East!

Donations can be delivered to the GPG Emergency Shelter, 5321 Manchester Ave., St. Louis, MO 63110.

— Janet Alderson
Community Director