Gateway Pet Guardians Seeks to Shelter Freezing Stray Dogs

January 3, 2014 (Saint Louis, Mo) – As temperatures continue to drop, there are many freezing stray dogs and cats left out in the cold in East St. Louis. Gateway Pet Guardians, a local animal rescue focused on the Metro East, is seeking to make life better for these animals.

The rescue group provides food on a daily basis for many of the strays in East St. Louis as well as people in the community with pets who need assistance. Now that the weather has turned extremely cold, the group is working to bring shelter and warmth to dogs who are kept outside with inadequate shelter by delivering doghouses and straw to their owners.

Gateway Pet Guardians regularly holds doghouse donation drives for its community outreach program in East St. Louis like the one held on November 24th but extreme temperatures call for extra measures. The outreach team has been in emergency mode this week, seeking to bring shelter to as many pets as possible, including the many homeless dogs on their daily feeding route.

“These dogs take to the abandoned houses for shelter in the winter. We checked on one of our regulars this morning and found him shivering in the corner of an abandoned house,” explained Julia Mittelstadt, one of the rescue’s founding members. “We need straw, blankets and shelter for these animals to get them through this weather without freezing to death.”

The group plans to rescue him as soon as funding for vet care and a foster home is secured. To assist Gateway Pet Guardians with rescuing animals in need, please visit www.gatewaypets.com/donate and make a donation of monetary value, or contact our shelter manager at 314-664-7398 to arrange a drop off of a dog house or straw.

About Gateway Pet Guardians
Gateway Pet Guardians is a nonprofit animal rescue and shelter that relies on donations and volunteer foster families to rescue starving and abandoned animals. For more information about Gateway Pet Guardians or to donate, volunteer, or become a foster family, visit www.gatewaypets.com.