Although we predominately rescue dogs, we still love those kitties. PJ carries cat food with her too when she goes to the streets. If there is anyone out there who is unable to foster dogs, but would like to foster a cat, notify us and when we find a sweet baby like this one who we could catch, we would pick her up for you. In order to pull we need foster homes lined up. Rarely do we see the same cats over and over, with the exception of this group below. The one on the right is the infamous Lou Lou Modelo. Infamous because of this incident. The kitty on the left is still out there. Always in the middle of the road waiting for PJ to pull up. She leads us in front of the car to her spot where she likes to be fed. She just had a litter of kittens. We have not seen them yet.

Do you like the kitties as much as the dogs, or are you strictly a dog person? I am personally both, but my hubby is deathly allergic to the cats, and only slightly allergic to the dogs. He is a saint for letting me bring all of these animals into our home.