**Warning: Graphic content **

Times are tough. It has been a hard few weeks as families and communities are impacted by COVID-19 and learn to navigate the world that is our new norm. We’re all facing additional obstacles and setbacks, and doing the best we can to adjust. We could all use a win right now.

Butterscotch is our win. 

A few weeks ago, on Easter Sunday, we weren’t sure if Butterscotch would survive. She was the victim of a tragic incident where she sustained a gunshot wound through her snout. In shock, her family rushed her to the only vet that was open on the holiday, Animal Emergency Center. Butterscotch was in critical condition and desperately needed help.

Vet staff at AEC instantly went to work. They made an initial examination, and Butterscotch’s family was unable to afford the treatment plan. The vet caring for Butterscotch was determined to help the family, calling every organization he could think of to see if there was help out there to save Butterscotch’s life.

The doctor’s persistence paid off. He found three organizations committed to covering Butterscotch’s treatment. Upon further examination, the vet noted an entry wound on the top of her snout, an exit wound near her neck, and her tongue partially blown off. She needed a delicate emergency surgery to repair the injuries sustained inside of her mouth.

Butterscotch stayed the night at AEC and had the emergency surgery. The following morning, her condition was guarded, but she pulled through and we were able to transfer her to our full-service vet Hillside Animal Hospital for continued monitoring. We had to make sure Butterscotch could eat on her own before being released.

Finally, Butterscotch got the okay to return home. Her family picked her up, and within a matter of days she had a full appetite and was back to wagging her tail and napping on the couch. With the help of her family, Butterscotch continues to heal and grows stronger by the day.

As fundraisers are cancelled and donations decline due to COVID-19, it would have been difficult for a single nonprofit organization to support Butterscotch’s care. But, three organizations working together made magic happen. K9 Rescue Outreach, Wet Nose Project, and Gateway Pet Guardians contributed towards Butterscotch’s care. Together, we were able to help keep this family whole and deliver this win.