Ollie is looking for her forever home!!

Wednesday’s Featured Foster Dog is a pretty little lady named Olive Oyl! She’s an American Pit Bull Terrier Mix with beautiful eyes who is approximately 6 months old and goes by the name Ollie. She’s a love bug who is happiest when she’s with her favorite people and she has the sweetest face!

Ollie adores her Foster Moms, she gets so much love and all the snuggles she could ever want but she knows there’s a special home waiting for her so she’s ready for her forever family or special person to find her!

Ollie is spayed, current on her shots, microchipped & on heartworm preventative and flea & tick protection. She’s working on house training & doing a really great job! She’s crate trained and enjoys sleeping in her crate at night & eating meals in there. As soon as her Foster Mom prepares her meal, this smart girl runs to her crate, knowing dinner is about to be served!

Ollie doesn’t pay much attention to dogs & cats, preferring to focus her attention on people. She’s a friendly girl with a touch of shyness who likes both males & females and hasn’t met any younger children yet.


Ollie is all about love, sweetness & affection. She wants to be as close as possible to her favorite people and she likes spending all of her time with them. This lovable lady gives the sweetest kisses and is a lot of fun to snuggle! She really loves getting attention, especially scratches & rubs, and has no problem rolling on her back so you can get to her tummy.

She’s not energetic and doesn’t play very much although she does go outside with her Foster Family’s dogs & run around the backyard occasionally. We do hope that will change in time and she’ll learn to love playing.

Ollie listens well, pays attention to what her Foster Moms tell her and is well-behaved. She loves food and treats so teaching her commands and tricks could be fun for everyone involved!


This adorable pup likes going for walks and is a very good girl on the leash. She’s not a fan of being out in the snow, because she’s so thin, but we hope as she gains weight and the weather warms up, she’ll be running around outside, enjoying herself.

Ollie likes going for car rides and rides nicely in the backseat. She makes her Foster Moms laugh because she’ll stand on her back legs so she can put her paw on the person driving. It’s funny & adorable and it touches your heart because she just wants to be close to her people.

We think Ollie had a pretty rough life before she was rescued. She was extremely skinny but has gained 5lbs in one week at her foster home and is still putting on weight! She doesn’t like to be out in the cold and is a good girl when she has to wear a sweater or hoodie.

One of Ollie’s Foster Moms works at a high school and takes Ollie to work with her. This charming girl loves the students but when they become loud, she gets a little scared and prefers to go sit by her Foster Mom. She’s still coming out of her shell and we’re proud of the progress she’s made!


This little love bug would be happiest in a home with an older couple or someone who is at home a lot, so she can be their constant companion and become a beloved member of their family. Do you have room in your heart & your home for this pretty lady with the beautiful eyes? If so, please learn about our adoption process & fill out an application. Pet Adoption Policies and Application. You may also email us at adopt@gatewaypets.com for more information.