Meet Banzai, an adoptable dog in St. Louis! Banzai and his sister were rescued in East St. Louis. The first thing that the rescuers were reminded of when they came across the pups was the hyenas from The Lion King, and that’s where Banzai’s name came from. Just like those hyenas, Banzai and his sister were very skinny and literally surviving on rocks and leaves. However, unlike those hyenas Banzai loves to cuddle and find his way onto a loving lap, and nowadays he is at a much healthier weight at about 25 pounds.


Banzai’s unique brindle coloring has everyone puzzled as to exactly what breed he is, but we suspect he is a pug/terrier mix and is about one and a half years old. One thing we know for sure is that he is completely house trained, neutered and up to date on shots!

It is without a doubt that Banzai’s favorite activity is to snuggle and love on his human friends. He might come across as timid, but he is not shy and will force his way up onto a lap if a little cuddle time is needed. Nevertheless, he still has great manners and knows when it is time to get down. He also never argues about going into his kennel, and he rarely barks. Banzai is a very polite leash walker and barely pulls. He is especially gentle around older people and children of all ages, but he has not yet been exposed to cats.


Currently Banzai is getting quite good at some basic commands including sit and lay down and is working on learning more from his foster family. He loves being around other dogs, but it is not a must that his forever home have another dog. What he really needs in a forever home is a wonderful loving family to reassure him that he will never be abandoned again (but a few rawhide bones might be good too). Sometimes he gets a little anxious when he is left alone, but hopefully with time and some good love Banzai will get overcome his worries.


Have Banzai’s beautiful brown eyes won your heart over? If so, please learn about our adoption process and fill out an application: Pet Adoption Policies & Application. You may also email us at adopt@gatewaypets.com for more information. Banzai would love to meet his forever family soon!

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