Medusa's looking for her forever home!!

    Wednesday’s Foster Dog is a pretty little lady named Medusa! She’s a sweet Labrador Retriever/Terrier Mix who is approximately 7 months old and has the sweetest eyes! Medusa has a great foster home where she receives a lot of love & attention and she’s able to indulge in her favorite activity, which is hanging out with other dogs! She’s ready for her Forever Home and has one important request. She asked us to make sure her Forever Home has another dog so she can have a companion, playmate & mentor, as she’s at her best when she has a dog around to follow its lead.

    Medusa was a 4 month old puppy who was very shy and had an injured leg when she was rescued. She went directly to our Veterinarians, where they took care of her then off she went to her foster home. Her Foster Family had previously adopted Scout from us, who was formerly known as Ted, of Bill & Ted, sweet & goofy brothers and Basset Hound mixes rescued from the Euthanasia List at Animal Control. The Family became foster parents shortly after that and have fostered puppies ever since! They were ready to nurture this tiny girl back to health and prepare her for a wonderful new life! And, their dogs were ready to help, too!

    This petite pup is spayed, current on her shots, microchipped & on heartworm preventative and flea & tick protection. Medusa is house trained & crate trained and doesn’t mind hanging out in her crate. She gets along great with dogs, especially the ones in her foster home, she loves kids and hasn’t met any cats yet.


    Medusa settled in nicely at her Foster Home, slowly coming out of her shell and she’s such a sweetheart! She become very affectionate and likes to snuggle, especially when she’s tired. She loves to greet her Foster Parents at the door when they come home from work and she welcomes them home with kisses on their hand.

    This friendly girl loves her Foster Family’s dogs and is happiest when she’s around them! She enjoys relaxing with the bigger dogs, cuddling them and taking naps together. She has the cutest way of climbing on top of a dog and going to sleep – it’s so funny to see this smaller dog using the big dogs as her own doggie bed! When it’s time to relax, Medusa likes to chew on Milk-Bones and she enjoys spending time looking out the windows.

    Medusa is very smart, learned her name quickly and responds to it immediately. She enjoys being outside, loves going for walks and walks very well on a leash. She also likes going for car rides, where she peeks her little head out the window and watches everything going on outside. She attended her first adoption event recently and had a really nice time! She even posed for the photo below!


    She may be small but Medusa is quite spunky and playful! She plays with the dogs all day long and although she’s the smallest dog in the house, she wrestles with them like she’s their size, and sometimes she wins! It’s so much fun to watch her play with the bigger dogs, she really has the time of her life! You can’t help but laugh when Medusa growls or barks during playtime, it’s so deep and sounds so funny coming from such a cute little nugget!

    Medusa’s favorite toys are rope toys and anything that squeaks or makes funny noises. She plays very nicely with children, has a lot of fun being around them and let’s them snuggle with her after a play session. Medusa also likes playing with her Foster Parents, it builds trust and has been a nice bonding experience.


    Medusa has come a long way and still has moments when she can become shy or timid. Her Foster Parents have worked with her daily to help her become more comfortable with people and learn how to trust humans. She’s looking for a loving, patient forever home that will be sensitive to her needs as she continues to grow into a happy dog!

    We would prefer if Medusa went to a forever home where someone will be with her most of the time as she would be unhappy being left alone for long periods of time. She needs to learn that she can trust her human to be there for her consistently. With the right home, she should thrive and grow into a happy, loving girl!

    Do you have room in your heart & your home for this pretty little lady? If so, please learn about our adoption process & fill out an application. Pet Adoption Policies & Application. You may also email us at adopt@gatewaypets.com for more information.