After adopting a sweet little silver pittie from GPG, Laura and her boyfriend Tim decided to dive into the fostering game.

“It’s so addicting,” Laura states, “watching a newly rescued dog learn and adapt in their foster home. It’s extremely rewarding to be a part of their journey!”

And that was no different when they opened their home to Lillie, a young & beautiful shepherd mix. With a stunning personality and that smiley face, they new she’d be snatched up quickly.

Laura met up with one of our volunteer photographers on a chilly afternoon at Susan Park. She wanted to make sure Lillie would have some nice photos to include with her online profile. Lillie smiled for the camera like a very good girl, and she even made friends with a horse! Laura and the photographer laughed and laughed; they wondered if Lillie knew the horse was not of her species. With each and every picture the photographer took, however, and seeing how sweet she was with the horse, Laura’s heart sank deeper and deeper.

“The thought of giving her up started to tear me up inside,” she admits.

Laura arrived home later that night and had a heart-to-heart with her boyfriend Tim. They happened to have a dry wishbone lying around from dinner the previous night.

“We closed our eyes and pulled. I won, and I screamed!” She knew her wish was meant to come true- making Lillie a permanent member of their pack. Tim pointed to Lillie and joked, “I bet I can guess what your wish was!”

He sure did, and that night, they signed her adoption papers and became big, fat foster failures. It’s the best kind of “failing!