All of us were SO happy to be able to pull Wolfgang from the streets.  He’s been out here awhile and is just always a doll, and kind of a little guy!  All it took was one of our foster homes to open, and Wolfie’s new foster & the Gateway Girls went into action.  I personally had on my boots, longsleeves, and 2 layers of sunblock because I NEVER know how long these types of things will take, or what “terrain” we will end up maneuvering.  Since past rescues have taken half a day and we have returned covered in soot, I never feel like I can walk out the door in flip-flops & shorts and “be safe”.  Wolfie’s new foster must have brought some good luck with her, because as you can see, it didn’t take long for this guy to decide that he wanted to leave with us.  This is from August 18, 2011.  A day with THREE rescues!!! Wolfgang, Bert, & a high energy little PitMix.  The great thing, we got them off the streets.  The bummer, all are heartworm positive, which is already a bummer enough-BUT now there is a major heartworm treatment shortage so we are on waiting lists.  Usually with the standard treatment, these types of dogs have a long road ahead, with lots of care, but pull through & you never would have guessed that they were street dogs and had heartworm!  So keep your fingers & paws crossed that we can work all of this out.  And of course donations always accepted!  Videos of the other rescues of that day to come.  But don’t forget, we still need fosters for Ernie & the kitties.