Mr. SammyWhen in college, it’s difficult to make a commitment to a pet for life. Which is why Theresa Jackson and her roommates decided to try fostering homeless pets. In doing so, they saved the life of Mr. Sammy, an adorable gray cat that has stolen their hearts!

Mr. Sammy was introduced to Gateway Pet Guardians when he showed up at the house of a Metro East resident. The resident called GPG for help. He was relatively healthy, and went straight into a foster home, but he was terrified of the resident dogs. Instead, Mr. Sammy went to live at Vatterott Vet Tech School until a different foster home opened up. Luckily, Theresa and her roommates were eager for their first foster, and Mr. Sammy now lives with the best group of girls around!

Mr. Sammy was very scared at first, but it only took him about a day to warm up to the group. Now he is the king of the house and has all five of them wrapped around his finger. He loves to play at every single hour of the day, and when he wants to cuddle it’s like holding the sweetest little baby!

Theresa is so happy with their decision to foster, and has this to say to other college students considering it: “We are all college students and do not know where we’ll be in a few years, so adopting a pet is not the best move for us. But fostering is so flexible and there is so much help provided by Gateway Pet Guardians. For anyone considering fostering, I would say JUST DO IT. GPG provides so much help and if it doesn’t work out then that’s okay.”

Want to give it a try? We’d love to have you as part of our foster family, as well! Visit www.gatewaypets.com/foster to learn more. And if you’d like to make Mr. Sammy a permanent part of your family, visit www.gatewaypets.com/adopt.

Mr. Sammy and Theresa