Meet Ziggy! He was a very special rescue from East St. Louis. He was attacked by another dog in his owner’s back yard. You can see he’s wearing a bootie!  His injury was pretty ugly and his owner could not afford to care for him, so she called Gateway in the middle of the night and asked us to take him into our foster system so that Ziggy could get the appropriate medical care and be adopted out to a new family who could give him all the love he deserves and more.

Thanks to our community outreach efforts, people in the East St. Louis community are starting to know that they can reach out to us in these situations – that we can help them.

 Ziggy had to have a skin graft to repair the damage done to his front paw. Unfortunately his first skin graft did not take, but the good news is that his wound is only about half the size it was originally.  The doctors at VSS think that once it is healed a little more, they might be able to go in and close the wound.



Ziggy will be up for adoption once he has fully healed. Thanks to your donations, we’re able to save dogs like Ziggy on a moments notice.  If you would like to help Gateway Pet Guardians continue to make a difference in the lives of injured dogs, make a donation to the Second Chance fund.

From NOW until February 23rd, you can make your donation count DOUBLE by voting for Humphrey in the Frenchtown Dog Park’s Rescue Royalty contest.  For every $5 vote you make for Humphrey (another famous Gateway Pet Guardians emergency rescue), two gracious matching donors will match your contribution.  That means $5 for Humphrey and an additional $10 will be donated to the Second Chance Fund!