We are excited to announce that our Unicorn Foster Program is getting a welcome boost thanks to a grant from the PEDIGREE Foundation

This new $10,000 grant will be used to support 35 dogs in the Unicorn Foster Program within the next 12 months. The Unicorn Foster Program is designed to assist our organization with successfully adopting out the most challenging dogs in our shelter – medium and large dogs with documented behavior quirks (e.g., fear of strangers, dog selective, high prey drive, etc…).
Our benchmark goals are to move Unicorn Foster dogs into Unicorn Foster homes within 21 days of becoming eligible for the program. We are also striving to get them adopted within 60 days from when they become eligible. As these dogs move through our system more quickly, this opens up kennel and foster home space which in turn allows us to save and adopt out more dogs.
PEDIGREE Foundation is a 501(c)(3) formed by the makers of PEDIGREE® food for dogs. You can find out more about them at pedigreefoundation.org.