2021 was an experiment for Gateway Pet Guardians in the best possible way. This was our first year operating at full capacity in our 54,000 sq. ft. Pet Resource Center in East St. Louis. We launched several new programs and services, including our affordable pet spa, the Pet Supply Marketplace, our free in-house spay/neuter program, walk-in public clinic hours and self service low-cost bulk pet food, to name a few. With expanded staff capacity and the dedication of countless volunteers and fosters, we were able to set several lifetime organizational records including the number of pets returned to owners, the number of animals adopted by members of our service area, hours devoted to foster care and total volunteer hours and annual animal intake and adoption. We also held our most successful single event fundraiser to date, Beyond Rescue and made headlines locally for our progressive approach to animal welfare. 2021 demanded rapid growth for our organization and change isn’t always easy – even if it is necessary. I am so proud of the diligence, passion and flexibility of everyone who believes and invests in our mission. Your faith, support and teamwork has given us our best year ever, and made a huge impact in the community we call home.

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Emily Stuart | emily@gatewaypets.org