A new opportunity for collaboration has connected us to Meaghan Millerick, an undergraduate student with the University of Missouri-St. Louis. Meaghan is pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in social work and is completing her two-semester long practicum at our Pet Resource Center. Social work students are required to complete a practicum near the end of their degree program, which allows them to go beyond the classroom and practice skills they have developed during their education. Meaghan is working directly with the community team until May 2022. She is involved in various projects, including assisting with a community needs assessment that will allow us to learn about what we can do as an organization to better support the needs of people and their pets in our service area. Meaghan is also helping with the pet food pantry and community outreach activities.

Meaghan grew up on a farm in Franklin County and previously volunteered at a local humane society in her community. She is currently a mom to three beautiful dogs and three beautiful cats. Meaghan was drawn to social work because of the versatility of the field and the many avenues she can take to help people throughout her career. We are grateful that Meaghan’s love for pets and desire to help people brought her to GPG.