In December, we took in a dog who we affectionately named Miss-A-Toe. Her back leg and part of her tail had been surgically removed and she had also been spayed. She was taken from a property where the owner was in serious legal trouble and the other dogs on the property appeared neglected. We were puzzled as to how a dog who had costly surgeries was with these other dogs who appeared to have never seen a vet. A few days later, we received a call from Dylan, her original dad! Miss-A-Toe was named Athena and according to Dylan, she had been hit by a car and had surgery about a year ago. After her surgery, she suddenly disappeared from their yard. He was devastated and posted online for her, but she was never found and he suspected she was stolen. Recently, Dylan decided to look into adopting a new dog. As he was browsing adoptable dogs on our website over the holiday, he stumbled upon a dog who looked and matched the description of his missing friend. He contacted us and drove an hour to be reunited with his best friend. What a crazy story to kick-off the new year!

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