shannonby Shannon Miller, GPG Blogger

July is National Ice Cream month, now your dog can get in on the fun, too!

My Shetland Sheepdog is constantly wearing what I would describe as a black sweater vest. I can only imagine how hot he gets in the St. Louis summers. He also, like his mother, really really loves snacks and ice cream. Unfortunately, the “dog ice cream” and other cold treats for pups at the grocery store can get pricey. And with his sensitive stomach, I like to know what goes into his food. So what better solution than some DIY dog ice cream treats?


I picked a recipe with ingredients I usually have on hand — plain yogurt, bananas and honey. But you can check out the list at the Lucky Pup’s blog to see what works best for you (http://luckypupspetsupplies.blogspot.com/2011/07/forth-of-july-treats.html).

Making the treats was as easy as some quick measurements —  yogurt (2 cups), two ripe bananas and a quick squirt of honey — and throwing everything in my blender for a few minutes until smooth. Once everything was all mixed together, I got out some unused ice cube trays, poured the mix in and tossed it in the freezer overnight. It was really that easy.


newbieSince my two dogs didn’t need all the treats to themselves, I decided to stop by the Gateway Pet Guardians Emergency Shelter to share the love and get some puppy kisses. Newbie was especially thankful for the cool treat. Here’s a pro tip: it’s probably best to feed these to your dogs outdoors as they tend to melt and drip. Another tip? Newbie is currently looking for a forever home!




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