Foster homes are urgently needed to temporarily care for pets whose families have been displaced by residential evictions. With the national eviction moratorium set to expire, nearly eight million pets will go into animal shelters nationwide and we estimate that almost 1,300 pets will need placement at GPG in the next 30-90 days.

“The mass of coming evictions will be catastrophic for families including pets,” Program Director Alisha Vianello said. “When people lose their homes, pets end up in the shelter so we need your help to care for them and keep them safe. We are asking those who have secure housing to please foster today.”

This unprecedented surge of cats and dogs comes during what has already been a particularly brutal summer for our shelter. We have already seen an increase of pet intake by over 70 percent.

Fostering a pet reduces shelter overcrowding, reduces the threat of euthanasia and gives shelter pets a less stressful environment in which to thrive. We provide all food, supplies and veterinary care to pets in foster care. Additionally, we are offering new foster families a free premium pet supply item of their choice. Items range from furniture-style crates and dog GPS/activity collars to small pet carriers and multi-level cat trees, as well as a variety of pet beds, pet couches, pet gates, pet steps/ramps and so much more.

“Fostering a pet is probably the most fun part of being involved in animal welfare,” Vianello said. “No prior pet experience is required and we will match you with a temporary furry friend that works for your family.”

Fostering saves the lives of shelter pets in foster homes and the ones who take their place at the shelter. If you are interested in becoming a lifesaving foster, click here to learn more about the program and submit an application.