Happy tears were shed last month! Sweet Katy was reunited with her owner! Katy’s owner, Joyce reached out to us when she had an unexpected litter of puppies. We took in the puppies and Joyce planned to keep Katy after she was done nursing and through her spay surgery. However, in the midst of all of this, Joyce’s new landlord said she was no longer allowed to have any pets in the home. Grief stricken and out of options, she surrendered Katy to us. A few weeks later, Joyce checked in and shared that she had successfully convinced her new landlord to let her have pets again! Fortunately, Katy was still in foster care so they were reunited. Katy’s family signed up for our Wellness at Gateway (WAG) Program which provides discounts in the retail space and on clinic services, as well as access to our free pet food pantry monthly distribution. We want to extend a special thank you to her foster mom, Katherine who took great care of Katy during her time with us. Happy Tails, sweet Katy girl!