Bridget gave her mom, Claudia quite the scare when she went missing last month. At first, a neighbor found her, but she got away. Fortunately, another neighbor came upon her and brought her to Gateway Pet Guardians. We scanned her for a microchip, but it was old and did not register anything.

We posted Bridget’s found pet flyer across multiple social media sites. The neighbor who initially found her saw the flyer online and reached out to us. As the neighbor had her collar with her rabies tags attached, we were able to retrieve Claudia’s information from St. Clair County Animal Control. Coincidentally, Bridget visited our drive-thru clinic in November 2020 to receive her rabies vaccine so this tag helped get her home!

Along with updating her microchip, Claudia purchased a tag, treats and some canned food in our pet retail store when she picked her up. Claudia and Bridget have been together for 15 years and it was amazing to see a community come together to reunite this family.