Superman (known as King) and his dad, Donel were reunited today! Donel called our Pet Resource Center wondering if we had picked up a dog fitting his description and we did! King was his father’s dog who passed away last year so Donel was so distraught trying to find him. King is an inside dog who just goes out to potty and somehow escaped the yard. Donel said it was meant to be for us to find him so he can now get him treated for heartworms!

If you have lost or found a stray pet in St. Clair County, please complete the St. Clair County Lost/Found Pet Form online or call 618-687-8007, ext.6.

Make sure your pet finds their way home if ever lost by:

  • Ensuring they are microchipped or the microchip is working
  • Checking that your contact information is up-to-date
  • Keeping a collar and tag on pets at all times