Meet Charlisa and her dog, Bella! In her family’s fenced-in backyard last week, Bella was outside with her two siblings. After calling her dogs inside, Charlisa heard some loud and aggressive barking outside and only Bella’s siblings came inside. All of a sudden, she heard Bella screaming. She ran outside and saw three large dogs pulling Bella through a small hole in the fence. Charlisa ran outside hitting the fence and yelling for them to release Bella. After they released her, Bella ran off. With the help of her kind neighbor, Mike, Charlisa searched through brush, a few abandoned houses and spoke to some neighbors. She then remembered GPG and called our Community Hotline asking if we could help. We had previously fixed all of Charlisa’s dogs after her dog had an accidental litter.

As we were getting ready to pack up, Bella came limping up out of nowhere. We loaded Bella up and brought her to the shelter for our vet team to sedate her, shave and flush her wounds, as well as start rounds of pain meds and antibiotics. Bella was bruised and sore, but she will recover just fine in the next few weeks. Charlisa asked if she would be home for the holidays and then proceeded to show us all the presents that were already under the tree for her three dogs. Charlisa’s dogs are family and it was heartwarming to see the utter joy and relief when Charlisa knew Bella was coming home.

The East Side Crisis Fund is what allows us to help dogs like Bella. We hope that you’ll consider making a donation to our end-of-year WHY Holiday Campaign. This year, we are looking to raise funds to replenish the depleted Second Chance and East Side Crisis Funds which enable us to provide immediate emergency medical care for sick and injured pets that come through our doors. The timing is critical as these cases continue to rise as the Metro East community know that they can now turn to us for help.