Second Chance Fund

Second Chance Fund

CharlotteGateway Pet Guardians’ Second Chance Fund is dedicated to providing extensive, often emergency medical care to pets who are injured, sick, neglected or abused. This fund ensures uninterrupted medical care for the companion animals that we rescue. The Second Chance Fund allows us to treat pets in need of orthopedic surgeries, dogs suffering from heartworm disease, cats diagnosed with FIV/FELV and pets with many other illnesses or conditions. We believe they all deserve a second chance!

The Second Chance Fund was inspired by Charlotte’s story and others like her that hold a special place in our hearts. Charlotte was found dying of poison and a potential gunshot wound to the head on the side of the road in East St. Louis. When those of us at Gateway Pet Guardians come across animals in dire need like Charlotte, we act quickly even though we may not always have the resources in place to care for such extreme cases. It’s times like these when you, our supporters, jump in and change the lives of these animals by making donations and spreading the word to help us save them.

That’s where the Second Chance Fund comes in. That’s where you come in. Join the fight to save a life by making a donation to the Second Chance Fund.

Garfield’s Second Chance

Somehow, a big stray tomcat got trapped down in a cellar. We trapped him and quickly realized he was friendly–and HUNGRY! He devoured his lasagna bait, so we found the name Garfield to be fitting. Garfield had dislocated his elbow, and needed surgery to amputate his leg. Read more >>

Nyla’s Second Chance

Nyla came to us near death in October 2019. She had lost a lot of blood due to a ruptured mammary tumor and needed to stay the night in an emergency veterinary clinic. While Nyla made an excellent recovery, we learned soon after that Nyla had two different types of cancer and her life expectancy was uncertain. But Nyla defied the odds, and we were happy to support her. Read more >>

Denise’s Second Chance


Denise came to us in early January 2020 from animal control. Denise was pregnant, emaciated and gave birth to twelve healthy babies in a foster home shortly after being rescued. In addition to being heartworm positive, Momma Denise also has two badly broken, infected molars needing removed, required entropion eye surgery on both eyes and was diagnosed with Giardia and a UTI–all needing treatment through the Second Chance Fund. Read more >>


Piglet’s Second Chance

Piglet was found running as a stray in Washington Park, IL back in June 2019. She had a massive neck wound that we assume was the result of an embedded collar–it was one of the worst cases we have seen. In addition to the horrendous neck wound, Piglet was also heartworm positive. Piglet was able to receive life-saving veterinary care thanks to the Second Chance Fund. Read more >>

Connor’s Second Chance

We rescued Connor as a nine-week-old puppy in March 2016. Connor had a wish: to be able to walk, run, and play like other puppies. He was rescued with neurological issues, weakening his back legs so he could not walk. We spent months trying to find a diagnosis and pursuing treatment, including water therapy and rehabilitation. Several years later, Connor gets around just fine with the use of a wheelchair. Read more >>

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