Microchips provide secure, reliable and permanent identification, which significantly increase the likelihood of reuniting lost pets with their families. June is National Microchipping Month and we wanted to share a few microchip success stories from this month. In addition to this invaluable technology, these stories would not be possible without the support of our amazing pet welfare community.

Our outreach team picked up a stray male dog from a community member who found and housed the lost pup for several weeks. Our team scanned him and fortunately, he had a microchip, so we were able to reunite him with his owner. Additionally, a few dogs and several cats that lived nearby (including the tuxedo kitty pictured here) were signed up to be spayed/neutered at our veterinary clinic.





Door dasher, Cujo escaped and went missing from his home. Fortunately, a community member found him and reached out to us for assistance. Our team scanned him for a microchip (which he had!), so we were able to provide the community member with the owner’s contact information who happened to live nearby. After they were reunited, Cujo’s owner came to purchase a new tie out and pet tag from us in hopes to keep this little escape artist home!





A community member contacted us about a stray male dog they found, but could not keep. Our team scanned him and fortunately, he had a microchip, so we were able to contact his owner. His owner, Leroy was elated as the dog, who is named C-Note had been missing for a few months. After giving up hope, Leroy was incredibly grateful that he was reunited with his best friend.





If your pet is not microchipped, our veterinary clinic offers $15 microchips for dogs and cats. Click here to view all services and request an appointment.

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