2012: October/November Edition


[icon icon=”link” color=”#ffffff” circle=”#444″]October is Adopt A Shelter Dog Month[/icon]

My husband and I had reservations about adopting a shelter dog – really more so him, than me. In my opinion, shelter dogs often have a stigma against them. They’re overly aggressive, wild, difficult to train – you know, they’ve lived on the streets or have been surrendered by owners and that means that something has to be wrong with them. Even though I hate to admit it, I was guilty of these thoughts. But I was wrong. →

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[icon icon=”link” color=”#ffffff” circle=”#444″]Top 10 Pet Halloween Costumes[/icon]

Halloween is about to roll around the corner and I can’t be more excited. It’s my favorite holiday.  While I’m a cat owner and my beloved furballs would sooner claw my eyeballs out or smother me in my sleep than tolerate parading around in a Halloween costume… they can’t stop their momma from dreaming. Onward. →

[icon icon=”link” color=”#ffffff” circle=”#444″]6 Tips for Exercising with Your Dog[/icon]

Fall is here and the weather is perfect for a good run with your pet – especially if you’re training for the GPG Winter 5K-9 in December! Check out this article to get tips for exercising with your dog. Start running… →

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[icon icon=”link” color=”#ffffff” circle=”#444″]September was Puppy Mill Awareness Month[/icon]

As you may know, September was Puppy Mill Awareness month. While Gateway Pet Guardians focuses on educating the public about inhumane treatment of animals full-time, we spent the last month emphasizing the horrors of puppy mills and how you can help improve the lives of thousands of animals trapped in them. More about Puppy Mill Awareness→

[icon icon=”link” color=”#ffffff” circle=”#444″]Adopted Pet Spotlight: Beau[/icon]

Beau, one of Fallon’s litter, has found his forever home and he’s just so darn cute! Read Beau’s Happy Tail →

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