School is officially in session but the new students look a little different!

“Its funny when people walk in, some people are still like man I feel like I’m back at school again or this smells like my grade school,” says Jamie Case, Executive Director of the Gateway Pet Guardians.

This former Miles Davis Elementary School elementary school in East St. Louis is now an animal shelter for the Gateway Pet Guardians.

“The building was appealing to us for many reasons, one of them was every classroom can be utilized for something separately, there’s a large HVAC unit, there’s an internal courtyard that is completely surrounded by the building,” Jamie says.

The courtyard which might have been used for recess still serves as a place to run and play, especially for the furry kids in doggy daycare.

“It’s really helpful to have doggy daycare because we can get the foster dogs back here for socialization and it can help socialize our shelter dogs who aren’t good with other dogs,” says Brittany Fleming, Adoption and Foster Manager.

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