Rosemary Hamann gives her time and talents quietly, mostly behind the scenes so it was time to put her in the spotlight. Rosemary has been volunteering for many years doing everything from transporting pets (from animal control to our shelter or to and from vet appointments) to fostering dogs, but her true love is data entry and paperwork.

Rose consistently volunteers 15-25 hours each week helping the Development and Marketing team with entering and reconciling donations in our database, sending out acknowledgement letters, uploading documentation and so much more. Each week, she attends a two hour meeting with staff to review our donation records for accuracy. Rose is selfless, generous and dependable, supporting a team of volunteers who also assist us with data entry.

Rosemary is meticulous about details, asks great questions and works alongside staff as we develop a more efficient donation entry process. In just one week, Rose volunteered over 50 hours of her time as she took ownership of our 2020 tax letter process which involved everything from entering last minute donations, auditing and printing over 2500 letters and envelopes, as well as stuffing envelopes, adding postage and delivering to the post office. For this specific project, she also employed  the help of her sister and nephew so it is truly a family affair!

Rosemary has adopted several dogs from our shelter as well. Most recently, Jazz (aka Jazzy) joined Rosemary’s family after being hit by a car, requiring emergency surgery for pyometra. Rosemary came in for our weekly meeting, met Jazz and volunteered to foster her. Within a week,¬† Jazzy went from foster to foster fail and became the newest member of her family.

Volunteers are truly the backbone of all of the great work that we do. We are incredibly lucky to have Rosemary on our team.