A letter from GPG President Julia Mittelstadt

I’ve been thinking about the dogs and cats we have saved over the last year.  What an amazing feat.

Currently, we have Niles.  Niles was found badly beaten up by other dogs.  It was touch and go at first … we were not sure he would make it.  Our friends at Hillside Animal Hospital did everything they could.  At their recommendation, we transfered him to Veterinary Specialty Services where he received 24 hour care.  At this writing, he has been released to continue his recovery at his foster home.  I am so grateful for all the volunteers, fosters and donors who make this rescue possible.  Niles will now be able to lead a full life in a loving home.  Thanks Jamie Case for pushing for Niles benefit.

We are looking at upwards for $6,000.00 for Niles’ medical care.  Some may be asking, why save this dog at such a high cost when we could save so many more for that amount?  We at Gateway Pet Guardians decided early on that any dog or cat that had the possibility of being saved deserved it.  Niles did not deserve to be beaten up and left to die on the streets.  He is a gentle soul who just wanted to be loved.  Our protocol is that if we have the funds available, we give our dogs and cats every opportunity to live.  We do not go into debt to save an animal.  Yes, we have to turn away some animals, we practice “triage.”  There may be a healthy animal on the street that we cannot pick up, but we do our best to give as many as we can the homes they deserve.  We decided if a dog was in desperate need – we would help.

What is our biggest limitation?  The answer is:  a home in which to place the animal.  We cannot rescue a dog or cat without a place for it to go.  So please, please spread the word about the rewards of fostering.  Remember, it becomes easy to let a foster go when you remember that you can save another one out there on the streets from a miserable life.  Even when I have one of whom I am particularly fond, I just remember that myself.  I get on our website or blog and look at who is still out there that needs rescue.

Maybe you could do the same?  Check out the pictures of the animals.  Talk to Jamie Case or PJ Hightower.  Tell them who you are and what type of animal may work at your house.  They will hand pick one for you.  Just like my beautiful foster, Celina … picked out especially for me by PJ.  We have had her over a week now and she is a delight!   She is very playful with our cats and our dogs and very loving with Richie and me.  I can’t wait till she is ready to get on the adoption track – she will get snapped up quickly!