Thanks to the PEDIGREE Foundation, we were able to provide an added layer of support towards our Unicorn fosters and adopters in the form of a Valentine themed photoshoot. Many of the dogs photographed are not ready to pose in public spaces yet due to past traumas so we created a safe and controlled environment to keep them at ease. The biggest takeaways from doing these shoots are:

  • Most behavioral issues resolve on their own once our Unicorn dogs have a place to call home.
  • Dogs with “stranger danger” are completely fine with our staff lead and our volunteer photographers.
  • From volunteer photographers to adopters, everyone involved loved the experience.
  • Participants were eager to support the future of the program with a donation.

Recently, we received a $10,000 grant from the PEDIGREE Foundation to help 35 dogs in the Unicorn Foster Program within the next 12 months. Read more here.

PEDIGREE Foundation is a 501(c)(3) formed by the makers of PEDIGREE® food for dogs. You can find out more about them at pedigreefoundation.org.

Questions about the Unicorn Foster Program? Contact Brittany Fleming, Adoption and Foster Manager at brittany@gatewaypets.org or 618-687-8007, ext. 706.